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  • Fashion/High Fashion
  • Runway
  • Editorial
  • Commercial
  • Acting

Who Am I?

I started modeling in November of 2009 with the intention of learning as much as I could about the industry while networking and meeting new people. This little foray into the fashion world has since turned into a full-out hobby of mine which I am actively pursuing out of my own enjoyment. I am currently represented by Gemini Models in Kitchener, Ontario, and am looking to fill out my portfolio and work with bigger projects.

I prefer to treat modeling as a business exchange, and as such I will be on-time, professional and certainly willing to take direction and listen. With that said, you can expect a patient, laid back, and easy to get along with attitude- I want our work together to be a fun experience, and everybody on set should enjoy themselves! I'm open to new ideas, creative to conservative, and will take a serious look at anything that will be an asset to both your portfolio and mine. I have a fair amount of experience with both studio and on-location shoots, as well some experience on the runway and on film. I would love an opportunity to participate in more film and live-action events!


Billy ArchosJeff HuiMeaghan MaxtedCornelia Klimek
Simon HammondJason FungRahim PRayna Alsabti
 Jeff Davad DVPhotoAdam Szpruta
Randy LangeNeeto SKateryna S James Wilkinson
Ziv KenetCachet Yvette Andrew RamburgSilver Crossroads
Wardrobe Designers
Haight and Ashbury
Joy Couture
Trends for Men
Makeup Artists
VDH Makeup Artistry
Runway Events
A Blooming Affair 2011
A Blooming Affair 2010
On the Catwalk 2010
Fall Fashion Trends and Jewelry 2010
The DarknessMatchbox Films 2011
Once Upon a Time in New JerseyWLUMT 2013
College: the MusicalWLUMT 2011
Rogers Daytime TV Fashion SegmentDecember 2010

Sample Work


  • Currently Located In...

    Southern, Ontario, Canada
  • Travel Policy

    I am available for travel based on compensation and time required to, from, and at the location. Please contact me with more information!
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